Solar Spark Landfill Gas Flares

Landfill Gas Flares from EPG Companies Inc.

Landfill Gas Flare Performance

Performance Requirements

Solar Spark® Vent Flares are designed to provide consistent combustion under various conditions. Reliable operation is critical in order to meet customer expectations and regulatory compliance.

Gas Quality:

Combusted gas will have an equivalent methane concentration between approximately 30% to 60% of total gas. The remainder will be principally CO2.

Gas Flow Rate:

The flare unit must perform satisfactorily, providing effective combustion and re-ignition of the gas within the flares specified flow range. Inlet gas pressure corresponding to these flow rates is typically 0.5 to 5 inches of water column.

Flame Temperature:

The flare unit must be capable of burning the gases at temperatures averaging approximately 900°F. to 1200°F. depending upon gas quality, flow rate and wind velocity. This will normally produce thermal destruction efficiencies of greater than 99% for volatile compounds.

Re-ignition Limits:

An appropriately sized, properly installed and operating flare should provide continuous re-ignition of gases in less than 60 seconds after flameout regardless of wind direction or velocity.

Night Time Gas Vent Flare

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About Us

EPG specializes in the manufacture of landfill leachate pumps & controls, sump drainers, biogas flares, condensate separators, remediation equipment, telemetry hardware and SCADA systems, and other environmental and industrial products.

The landfill gas flares offered by EPG are suitable for applications such as Landfill Vent, LFG Collection Systems, and SVE Off-Gas Treatment.

Solar Spark® Vent Flares are patented and registered trademark of LSC Environmental Products, LLC.